Saturday, September 16, 2006

snake oil


I'm so frustrated with my wireless service because the coverage is spotty in my house. The calls often drop. So I find myself standing out on the sidewalk to talk with folks on the celly.

I've called Verizon a couple of times to bitch. The first time, they had me reprogram my phone. Didn't help. Then last week I barked my way up to a manager and I got them to send me a new phone. Free.

But here's the catch: 15 days from when I activated the phone, I I'll be locked into a two-year contract with Verizon.

So I get the phone. And it's much nicer than my current, scratched-and-beat-up thingy. It's one a them Razrs.

But the signal's no different.

The prudent thing would be to return the phone and suffer until next July, when my contract ends I'm free to start over with whomever.

But that would mean parting with the new toy.

That's how they get you.



trAcy said...

doesn't cingular offer razr phones, too? ask about their coverage around here. i have t-mobile, which works fine, too. why get stuck in 2-years of fuzzy communication hell? how is there "i'm a writer on a book-tour" coverage? i guess you should factor in how well your phone might work in harlem. cingular (and supposedly t-mobile was going to trunc. onto it) has a tower right at windsor and bales.

Can You Hear Me Know? said...

I had the same problem with the same carrier. Cingular works good in my neighborhood. So does T-Mobile.