Saturday, September 30, 2006

get my hog on

I was told recently that some of my so-called friends ridiculed me mercilessly behind my back for my recent post about the slang trend I've started. According to them, the slangy construction "get your ______ on" is so five years ago.

But then, I just rembembered, that great Dr. Dre song where he says, "Get my drink on, and my smoke on, and go home with somethin to poke on," and I thought, with my new slang it'd be: "Get my drink on, and my hog on, and go home with somethin to blog on."

Of course, that Dre song is at least seven years old.

But still. You can't deny that my version is on point. I mean, who would've thought of hogs and blogs in 1999.


trAcy said...

frito lay's "get your smile on" slogan isn't that old. : )

2 Dollar Productions said...

I suppose one could make a living updating old Dr. Dre slogans and bringing them into the present.