Sunday, October 01, 2006

the neighbors

There was a stabbing across the street last night.

Allie woke me up at about three. She said that there was a brawl unfolding outside our window. I had my earplugs in, so I couldn't hear the ruckus.

We both leaned against the screen and listened to the milling crowd. By and by I figured out that someone had been stabbed. I went to bed and Allie stayed up and took notes. She got some very good quotes:

A woman: What? You a gang-banger and shit? (Laughs.)
A man: I was a gangbanger, but it it's not like it was my life or nothin'. They called me "Trigger Man." I shot a guy through his dog once.

A woman: Baby girl got stabbed. Or fucked up.

Another woman: I punched him and my fist just felt nothin' but fat.

A man: He tried to punch me. That's why I threw him up on the car.

(After police have come and gone, a white car drives up. A man gets out with a flashlight.)
Man: I threw my clip out. I popped my clip out because I didn't want to get caught with no bullets.

Another man: If they shoot at my house, I will go kick in their door because that's the kind of guy I am.

A woman: I was drunk.

Another woman: Maria. Tie that shit up and put pressure on his neck.

A man: My cousin got stabbed.

A woman: Black Impala. Black wheels. Black on black.

Another woman: They came rolling down the street. Said something to Andy. I jumped one guy. She jumped another guy.

Yet another woman: Get your gun Chad.

A man: I'll kill you bitch.


Brad said...

Don't you know that stabbings across the street are soooo Kansas City, five years ago?

trAcy said...

didn't hear about that one.

from the quotes, i have no idea what the heck happened. people. bleh.

ginak said...

to have the presence of mind to grab a notebook. allie is a reporter made of steel!