Monday, October 02, 2006

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In the October 6 issue of Entertainment Weekly:
Miller, a journalist, goes to Kansas City's Central High expecting to find a sobering story about poor minority students who, trapped in an area plagued by random violence and in a school deemed "academically deficient," just don't stand a chance. Instead, he becomes a passionate advocate for the school's thriving debate team and writes an account of its rise to the top of the national circuit. Miller spends too much ink describing every match-fiery arguments citing Foucault and humanism dominate over half the book's nearly 500 pages--but his enthusiasm is infectious and the plot creates the suspense of a good courtroom thriller. EW Grade: B+

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trAcy said...

remember what "EW" sounds like when you pronouce it. they only care about what's "entertaining," after all.

my amazon is letting me down! my book is in transit, i presume, but should have been here by now. grrr.