Tuesday, October 31, 2006

talk of the nation

You can now listen to the Talk of the Nation segment.

I'm told it went quite well. I wouldn't have known because Iwas so nervous I thought I might faint and puke at the same time.


Lee said...

I came in after the segment started but I thought you and Marcus both did a great job. Neal Conan seemed to be very taken with you both. Bravo, Joe!

Jason Strait said...

You both sounded great, and Neal had obviously read the book ... Speaking of, how can those of us who have already purchased the book attend the Unity reading without having to purchase it again?

joe said...

I'm not sure how the Unity protocol works. Try calingthem and saying you're a friend of mine. Ifthat doesn't work, send me an e-mail and I'll try.

joe said...

Actually, I just realized, you can buy a different book and ask for a ticket.

Jason Strait said...

Just wanted to pass this along ... stopped by Rainy Day Books, explained that I had already bought the book, and asked whether there was any way I could get a ticket without buying the book again. I was told there was not. When I offered to buy a different book at the same price, I was told that still wouldn't get me a ticket, and then he launched into a schpeel he had obviously recited before about how you were on a national tour, something about the NY Times bestseller list, how it was store policy, etc. He said, politely, that I could return the book where I bought it and buy a new one there, even though I already had told him I'd read the book. Anyway, I said thanks and left. This is not a complaint directed at you; it is one at the store. I'm all for supporting local businesses, just not when that act like corporations by establishing and sticking to nonsensical policies. Like I said, this was just one person's experience, and I wanted to pass it along to you. Now I have.

trAcy said...

it was so cool to hear someone i know on NPR! it sounded great, and yeah, "fine piece of writing."

: )

i emailed rainy day, too, since i had bought the book a while ago, and i got a long-winded blocky-formatted answer (much like what's on their web page, which didn't make sense to me in the first place, which is why i wrote to ask about options. . .)

me, i'm longwinded, too.

he didn't answer my question directly, but did write that "writers need to sell books," with which i agree.

it didn't matter that i had already said i was a friend and covering it as news besides.

it's annoying, because you can get two entry tickets with one book purchase, but can't just get A ticket without purchasing this specific book (again).

he also wrote something semi-snippy about "it's not free to do these events." he even mentioned that the one at the downtown public library in december was costly somehow.

sigh. i used to love going to unity temple and hearing authors. sounds like rainy day lost a grant or underwriter or something. one used to have to make reservations, and sometimes, i think there was a ticket fee for super famous people.

i am not opposed to paying $5, $10, $15 to hear someone talk about their book, but i agree that this new policy seems to be exclusionary and only good for those who are rainyday heads in the know who visit the store or site frequently and keep up with buying books/events and making plans way in advance.

it must be working - or does anyone know - do these things fill up the auditorium like they used to?

it's totally senseless to not give store credit but force a sale of a particular book.

how are your debate students supposed to be able to come and see you? i am going to presume they got complimentary copies of the book about themselves. . . .

maybe we'll all just crash the door. it's a church, a pretty big place, so how can they keep us out? : )

and, of course, i'm not trashing you; like jason said, it's not your doing, but a really weird corporate policy glitch.

and one that is kindof "funny," given your book's theme of privilege, power and who's left out of it.

from what you know, is the one at the library open to the general public?

joe said...

The one at the library is open to the public, but it's not really a reading. It's a showcase for the debate team.

I'm sorry. I'll give a call and see what I can do.

Brad said...

Finally had a chance to listen to the segment on TOTN. Great show, Joe. Especially loved your quip "I didn't know Michel Foucault from Michelle Malkin."

Good luck with Rainy Day. What an idiotic "policy"!

trAcy said...

in the great scheme of things and considering my middle-classness and what sometimes i choose to complain about, it's really no bother, but thanks - i should buy another book and gift it!

see what you can do, but don't make so many waves that someone drowns. i'm fine with buying.