Thursday, November 02, 2006

tayari jones

Super author Tayari Jones put up a nice post about my book.

I'm going to buy her book, Leaving Atlanta, today. It's set inthe summer when dozens of children were murdered in Atlanta in the late 1970s and early 1980s. I remember that time. I was only eleven or twelve myself. But I don't recall the specifics. Only that the story unfolded slowly on theevening news, and that it haunted me.

Thecool thing is Tayari offered to talk with me by phone today, to strategize marketing schemes. What a blessing! There've been amazing moments like this, when folks have just come out of the blue to help me.

But the SUPER cool thing is she's goingto send her copy of my book to Niki Giovanni, and, cooler still, she urged me to write a letter to one of my heroes, bell hooks. Turns out hooks is now in Kentucky, so perhaps I can meet her when I'm passing through in a couple of weeks.


ginak said...

If you get to talk to Nikki Giovanni, will you tell me? Holy crap, Joe.

trAcy said...

nikki and bell? wondrous.

Adrianne said...

Leaving Atlanta is a great book. I grew up in KC, but I remember my mother speaking in hushed tones with other adults about the Atlanta child murders, wondering if someone was out to get black children all over the U.S. Also check out The Untelling by the same author.