Thursday, May 10, 2007


I showed up at Grinders at the same time the Mayor did. I gave him one look and asked his daughter, "Why is he wearing a suit?" Hardly the proper attire for meeting the Prime Minister of Funk.

So we get in and the place is great. Funk shakes a few hands, and in no time he's on stage saying, "These folks have done a lot of creative things over the years, but they probably never thought they'd ever help a big white guy get elected mayor."

But the Prime Minister is nowhere to be seen. The band plays without him.

Thenn, three songs in, Clinton arrives, hair bright red. And what's the first song? Why it's our campaign theme, "Tear the Roof off the Sucker (Give Up the Funk)."

In the excitement of the moment I think to myself, It's fate, and I rush over to the Mayor and say, "You should get up on stage with him."

"No," he says to me, as sternly as he ever has.

(BTW, Clinton has the absolute best guitarist on earth. Great show!)


scooterj said...

Hey Joe... I got your comment on my blog this morning. Your spam filter must have trapped the email I sent out last week. The walk got rescheduled because too many people who wanted to do it had conflicts with the 12th. It's now going to be on May 19th. Let me know how this affects you. Thanks!

(I'm posting this here just in case your spam filter traps the reply I sent to your email a few minutes ago.)

Heidi said...

I'm actually glad that Funk had the sense to not get on stage then. It's no longer a victory party for a campaign; he's the mayor for a whole city, and it would have been unseemly.

Carol said...

Yeah, me too. Hopefully that was spontaneous suggestion...urging him to get up onstage. Personally, I wouldn't mind if he did that one bit; however, I can see the headlines from beyond hell the next day.