Monday, May 07, 2007

job description

I wrote a week or so ago about Floyd Hunter's classic sociological work Community Power Structure. I borrowed it from my new boss. A day or so after I cracked the cover and dove in, I got an e-mail from him saying "With regards the regular folks, the entire point of the book is the paragraph highlighted on page 1."
There appears to be a tenuous line of communication between the governors of our society and the governed. This situation does not square with the concepts of democracy we have been taught to revere. The line of communication between the leaders and the people needs to be broadened and strengthened -- and by more than a series of public-relations and propaganda campaigns -- else our concept of democracy is in danger of losing vitality in dealing with problems that affect all in common.

My new boss continued: "Your job, Mr. Miller, is captured in that paragraph."


MAWG said...

Really interesting article about political communications and obama in the May 7th New Yorker.

Check out:

Anonymous said...

So Joe,

Given all the rain that fell in Kansas City this past weekend, I was wondering where Mayor Funkhouser stood with 10,000 Rain Gardens? Is he going to continue to use city money to pay for TV spots advocating this curious little enterprise, like his predecessor? Or is he going to do real work?

This Kansas Citian wants to know.

joe said...

I'll ask.

GinaK said...

Very cool. As one of the "people," I'm glad someone cares. The kind of philosophical sincerity you describe is all very "West Wing," only on a municipal level. I love that show!

trAcy said...

please, feel free not to post.

i should have just sent a regular email.

joe said...

How can I resist?