Sunday, June 24, 2007


We took in another stray on Friday night.

Allie spotted him roaming the street after dark. We wooed him in with little chunks of fajita meat. I spent the night with him on the futon in the basement. He kind of spooned me around my shins. He's a cute little bugger. At first I wanted to call him Shrimpy. But then I thought Julio was better.

Rather than care for him ourselves, we decided to take him to animal control. We're going to keep tabs on him. If they can't adopt him out, and he appears to be headed toward the gas chamber, we'll go back and adopt him ourselves and then try to find a loving owner. But we sense he's cute enough that he'll find a nice home.

If you, or anyone you know, wants a cute, skinny little mutt, call 816-513-9800 and ask for animal number A104275.

(Click the image above for a slidewhow of him.)


trAcy said...

he doesn't look all that downtrodden. very clean and seemingly flea-free. mostly like someone dumb left their dog out without a collar/id/tags.

i am tired of people being losers about pets.

thanks for de-streeting him. i hope someone wants him and/or that the people who lost him find him back and cherish the heck out of him so he doesn't get lost again.

Allie said...

Thank you! It looks like we might have a happy ending. We were walking our dogs yesterday when a guy who seemed very nice walked up and asked if we had seen a little brown and white Jack Russell. Turns out the guy had gone out of town and left the dog in the care of a friend, who somehow let him get loose. The guy seemed relieved, and I think the dog will be very happy to see him, if it's the same dog, which I'm pretty sure it is.

Wolfgang said...

hey there.
how's Julio doing? We live in the old northeast and would gladly consider adopting him...
also would like to connect. trying to get a group of artists together that live in the Old Northeast.