Sunday, June 24, 2007

garden update/great weekend

What an incredible weekend! Spent about eight hours yesterday working in the yard, and another six today. That's been the toughest part of my new job; not being able to garden every afternoon. Nowadays I get home at 5:30 or 6 most nights (though there's always at least one late night per week). I walk the dogs with Allie. We eat. I do some chore type stuff. And most nights there's no time by the end for the hobby I love most. And when I can squeeze in an hour or two, I feel stressed because I'm behind on weeding, deadheading, etc.

So to have weekend like this -- with hours anbd hours of gardening -- is better than gold.

I love to garden while listening to podcasts or audiobooks on my iPod. Yesterday I listened to a bunch of C-SPAN programs, including a particularly fascinating one about China. And today I listened to about half of Buzz Bissinger's Three Nights in August. Brilliant work.

Oppression in China. Tony La Russa's oppressive obsession. Beautiful, beautiful plants and dirt and sunshine. Really put things into persepctive for me. Drained all the stress of City Hall right out of me. Made it seem insignificant, silly.

And, as if that weren't enough, Allie and I saw Knocked Up at the drive-in last night, and it was a real winner. We laughed like crazy at a few parts that really reminded us of us. And, of course, we were at the drive-in, so it was all the more summery and relaxing and delightful.

I think I'm ready for Monday now. Or at least for next weekend.

(click the picture above for a slideshow documentary of my garden as it is today.)

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