Saturday, August 25, 2007

marathon shuffle

I've decided to not run the Miami Marathon in January.

No, I'm not injured. Training is going well.

Nor am I scared I can't go the distance.

It comes down to money. Miami's just too expensive for a weekend in and out. All the decent hotels in Miami are $200+. The "affordable" ones have horrible reviews that say stuff like "absolute dump" and "the worst." And Allie aren't super keen on doing a long Florida vacation -- not at the top of our list right now.

So instead I'm going to run the Rocket City Marathon on December 8.

It's gotten incredible reviews. Allie and I can drive to it. And the race hotel is mega cheap.

I'm postively thrilled at the prospect.

The only problem is that it kind of undermines my idea of having a goal to work toward during the bleak winter months.


I'm thinking of also running the LA Marathon on March 2 -- if the Huntsville one goes well and I recover in two weeks.

LA is one of the ones I've really, really wanted to do.

I have such an enormous crush on that city, and the notion of running from the San Fernando Valley to Downtown LA sounds like an incredible blast.

Plus it's a lot cheaper than Miami, believe it or not. You can get a reasonable room for $100. And everything -- airport, hotel, starting line -- is on the rail line.

Now we're set. The plan is in place. Now I just have to pray I don't get injured in training.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Jus FYI, I'm pretty sure Minneapolis has a marathon -- and it is only a 6 hour drive from Kansas City. Duluth's Grandma's marathon is also pretty cool, and Duluth is only 8 hours... I know Grandma's is in mid-June, I don't know when the Minneapolis one is... maybe May?

MAWG said...

Peter Drucker: "Manage the activity, not the results." If you do that, you can't 'get' injured.

joe said...

I think I'm going to do Minneapolis next fall. It's reputed to be one of the most beautiful in the U.S.