Thursday, August 30, 2007

more marathon shuffle

I'm switching again.

After much thought, and paying attention to my body, I decided that the Rocket City Marathon is too soon for me to adequately train for it. So for a while this week I was making plans again for Miami. But I still can't justify the cost.


I'm gonna do Austin.

Like the one in Huntsville, this is one Allie and I can drive to (meaning Allie can be there to chear me on, which is HUGE bonus). And the hotels are cheap.

The only thing that gave me pause was the reviews, which reveal that the course is very hilly -- but beautiful. But I figure I'll just train on hilly routes, which aren't hard to find in KC.

This is it.

I promise.

My sights are locked in on Austin!


Pete said...


That is a great choice. I have heard tales for years of the wonderful music in Austin but due to my feelings about Texas, left over from following the wheat harvest 30 years ago, I will never go there. You may be too wrecked from the marathon to enjoy it but I bet you'll find something.

Sarah Moffett said...

What is it with writers and marathons? I had to run my first marathon while writing my first book just to stay sane. Now I'm running another to deal with the extroverted effort of book tour. Then I stumbled across your website and realized it's never going to stop. My knees are going to declare war on my creative processes. How do you balance it?