Tuesday, August 21, 2007

morning glory

After reading my last post, my grandma wrote me asking where does Allie fit in my daily plans. Well, bearing in mind that what I wrote was a morning itinerary, I'll limit it to that.

1. Either intercept or immediately turn off the alarm, so as not to wake her.
2. Make a double batch of smoothy, one for me, one for her.
3. Grind a half pot of coffee for her, even though I'm off the stuff for now.
4. Either wake her or urge her to get up to do her morning routine.
5. Kiss her good bye.

Also, do domestic things count? Thiings she appreciates, such as:

1. Let the dogs out.
2. Feed the dogs.
3. Put away the clean dishes.

These are all little things, but are among the ways I tell her I love her.

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