Monday, September 03, 2007


I love audiobooks. I listen to them while I garden, do housework, ride the bus, and sometimes when I exercize. Right now I'm listening to a biography of Einstein.

It was a bit hard to follow in the early parts, during the long passages about quantum theory and such. But the stuff about his later life is poignant and compelling.

I didn't realize how political he was.

Today I listened to the section about his involvement in the creation of the atomic bomb. It was a classic human tale: Lifelong pacifist sparks creation of man's most destructive force.

I also like the book's gentle narrative arc showing his transformation from young radical to aging conservative -- at least with regards to his work in science.

So a propos of humanity. Today's reformers are tomorrow's establishment.

Sons become their fathers.


I've written and deleted a few things here, hoping to close out the post in some profound way, however small. But I can't find the words. It's too close to bedtime. Time for a bath, and tea. The sun will rise tomorrow. Another day with millions of revolutions that have little chance of taking hold.

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