Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I ran this morning with Gobo. We got out the door at about six, when it was still dark. It was already warm, though, and quite humid. We went slowly.

It's been a while since I've done a dawn run. I used to do them all the time, when I lived alone in an apartment. I found spiritual uplift in the slow shift of light, from the orange of the street lamps to the deep blue of a new today.

It happened that way today, and I was greatly pleased.

Gobo is a reluctant running dog. He would prefer to piss on every tree and writhe against the leash any time he sees another dog or a person he doesn't like. But after a while he starts locking into a rhythm with me.

It takes ten minutes for a run to take hold, for the endorphines to kick in and for it to feel less like a struggle and more like a meditation. Must be the same for our canine bretheren.

Soon I'll be at work and Gobo will be doing whatever he does all day. Sleeping mostly, and rousing ocassionally to bark out the window at various passing threats. I wonder if he'll feel a little better all day, as I do. Is it medicine for him, too?

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Tony said...

Hey Joe. I don't know your e-mail but I thought I'd send this your way since I don't just want to report the rumor and if you tell me there's absolutely no truth to it than I believe it:

At least two people have sent me e-mail and said that you "went to Cali on KC's dime and then ran a marathon."

Obviously, they don't read your blog because from what you've wrote you are training for a marathon and haven't run one yet.

But that is the rumor that's going round.

SO lemme know . . . I'm tempted to just let somebody else post it but I'm always hungry for new scoop and gossip and jokes. THis is a rare instance when I actually want to confirm something before I spout off.