Wednesday, November 07, 2007

dumb dems

I haven't been happy with the insiders of the Democratic party for some time now. I thought the choice of Jim Kerry as presidential nominee was a really poor one. He struck me as arrogant, elitist and aloof. I supported him, of course. I probably would've supported anyone over Bush. But I had a sense from the get go that he lacked the sort of charisma and charm it takes to win a nationwide race.

Now I have a sense they're making the same mistake again by propping up Hllary Clinton. Obviously, she's got a tough hurdle to overcome in sexism. And maybe that's subconsciously what's behind my misgivings about her. But I don't think so. I think she's just plain cold, claculating and elitist.

Check out this long TV commercial from the Edwards camp.

Make no mistake, these candidates gravitate to the top of the field because Democratic leaders want them to. And my suspicion is that the reason they want them to is because they know they'll play ball.

That's the way it works locally.

In congressional races and such, the party insiders, the ones who fund the campaigns and doctor the spin, only back people who know and respect the current and long-standing landscape of interlocking feifdoms and patronage arrangements.

No reason not to believe that's how it happens on the national level. Especially when they keep ponying up candidates who are completely out of touch with regular folks.

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Feds said...

of course that's how it works.

that's how it always works.