Monday, November 05, 2007

rock stars

Allie and I caught up with our friends Joel and Jocelyn in Lawrence last night and went to the New Pornographer's concert. Much fun. I can't remember the last time I paid to see a band. They're easily my favorite group right now, have been for months, but it's funny how little I knew about them.

Like, I had no idea one of the singers is an alt-country star. I think my uncles might find her interesting.

And I didn't know that one of the other singers hheads up a totally different band.

The former was explained to me last night by my much hipper friends from Lawrence. The latter we figured out when we watched Kathryn Calder perform in the opening band, and then break down their equipment, and then return to set up equipment and play with the headlining act. (Afterward, Allie wondered if she'd also be driving the bus to the next show.)

Also, I was surprised to see a bearded man stumble out onto stage carrying a beer and proceed to sing some of my favorite songs. I thought they just had one main male singer, A.C. Newman. But no, there's also this beer-guzzling beardy guy who has a totally distinctive voice that I shoulda figured out earlier when I was listening to the records. Beardo kept coming onto stage from near where the sound board was, so I wondered if maybe his main gig is sound guy.

Anyway, the whole deal sort of reminded me of my cousin Jake.

Partly because Jake's voice is kind of like the beardy guy's. But mostly because every time I tell my uncles that Jake's destined for rock stardom, they say, kind of wryly, "Yeah, well, he surrounds himself with talented people."

Well, yeah. Isn't that the point?

Worked for this A.C. Newman cat. He sure earned our 50 bucks.

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Joel said...

We had a great time, too, but "much hipper" ain't a phrase to describe us -- or, at least, me.

The beardy guy with the beer was Dan Bejar, who performs as "Destroyer" on his own.

As for New Pornographers, I finally figured out at the concert how to classify them: People who grew up listening to Rush and the occasional Anne Murray album who decided to start a garage rock band after hearing the Beach Boys for the first time.

Or something.