Thursday, December 06, 2007

20 miles

The plan is to run 20 miles this Sunday. Never in my life have I gone so far on a training run. Obviously I'm thinking a lot about it. It's a big event looming on my horizon.

As luck would have it, the forecast for Sunday is for "ice pellets" and "likely freezing rain" and 27 degrees.

So obviously I'm thinking A LOT about this run.

My initial plan was to do a tour of the city. But tonight I took a wonderful run in the snow down Cliff Drive and I thought, I could do Cliff Drive three times!.

And then I got to thinking about it, and I realized I could piece together my close-to-home running routes and do them twice or three times and it would add up to 20 miles in a jiffy.


1. A psych boost, because these are all runs I do with no problem all the time, it won't feel like a long run, where I'm super far from home. Seriously, I've run Cliff Drive so many times now, that it almost feels like walking across my living room.

2. Hardly any traffic.

3. No sidewalk running, with uneven ice-chunk surfaces that are bound to be ubiquitous on Sunday, after a snow storm and a couple of days of frozen rain.

4. Cliff Drive is purdy.

5. I'll be close enough to home, that maybe Allie will be able to come out and cheer me on at some point.

Two more days. I'm gonna do this.

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Pete said...


Get some people to join you for parts of the run. On the long training runs I did it was great to have someone to chat with as you moved forward. Jerry and I covered every topic under the sun, from running training stuff to high art to realtionships, etc. etc. Really made the time go by .