Sunday, December 02, 2007

six miles

Sorry I haven't been updating much. I swear I've got the worst case of block I've ever had.

I toned back the running just a smidge last week, because I was feeling a few aches in my calves and quads. I've also increased the stretching routines. Today I went back out for my scheduled six miler and it went pretty good. I got a little cramp in my left calf from mile 4 to mile 5, and my quads were still generally tight. But I think I'm back on track. I just need to take it a little easy this next week, probably only running twice, as I gear up for the 20-miler next Sunday. I think if I just keep it real slow, I'll be fine.

Allie and I ate the last of the garden last night -- two bowls of arugala. Can't say it's my favorite green. Certainly not as good as the two bowls of spinach we had earlier this week. For some reason, I can't get that stuff to grow as thick as lettuse. Wish I could, because it's sooooo good.

Work's going pretty good. We're having some inner office personality issues, one of which is about as ugly and unfair as any inner-office conflict I've ever seen. It's frustrating because bits and pieces of it have been leeked to the public, and bloggers are having a field day making convictions. Those of us who really know what's going on are forced to keep our mouthes shut, but suffice to say that things are not at all as they appear in the blogosphere. It's tough, and it really pisses me off sometimes, but I think it's strengthening the resolve of those of us who are committed. At least I'm feeling more committed now than ever.

Allie and I ran together today for the first time (I ran the first two miles of my run with her). That was really cool. She says she thinks she's going to become addicted, which I think is great. Eleven months from now, we'll be running the Portland Marathon together.

Won't be long we'll be hopping a train bound for Indiana for the holidays. Little less than three weeks, in fact. Counting the days...

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Shicho said...

actually, the blogosphere is fairly amusing: black v white spy, with very little in between.

just take it for what it's worth and move on; i assure you most of the rest of us do...