Tuesday, January 22, 2008

carlsbad half marathon

The race was quite a let down, to be honest with you.

I felt achy and out of sorts for the first seven or eight miles or so. In retrospect it's because I was overcompensating with my form adjustments. It wasn't until the last part that I slipped into a somewhat comfortable stride.

But it was too late. For one, I was spending so much time thinking about the aches and pains in my body that I was sort of oblivious to the beautiful surroundings. Second, and more significantly, I think I might have hurt myself.

My knee has been killing me since Sunday afternoon. I mean really painful. I'm having trouble walking stairs and stuff.


I'm pretty worried about Austin.

I think if I lay off for the next four weeks, and maybe just do a couple of real short slow runs, I'll probably heal enough to be able to swing it. But it's gonna be tough regardless.

So what's up with this? Is it because I'm getting old? I'm I just flawed in this area? Or is this correctable?

Don't know right now.


MAWG said...

You need to find a good sports med person - someone who really knows running injuries. Ask around. You're not too old. I'm pretty sure there were guys almost twice your age cruising along on this same race.

Pete said...

Get some rest. It sounds like overtraining to me. You'll be fine. You're much too young to be out of it.